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~ Our Signature Production ~
Developed by Susan McCain & Jason Wright


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Th' Burning is set amid the events of Mother's Day in Anniston, Alabama, 1961. Inspired by humanity's enduring battles and by those who transcend the controls of rigidity, Th' Burning accentuates on-going life as it finds survival in the most unconventional ways.

"Whenever we can hear the lessons from people who have learned to live together, to work together, and to resolve their differences, and celebrate their differences that’s an important thing to do and contribute to. You’re not only giving to us; you’re giving to yourself."

– Jason Wright 


Performance Clips

"Making it so this world can walk right along beside me. And we can move together like rain on water, back and forth again. Felt like hope and it was." - Pearl, Th' Burning

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